Gynaecologist & Fertility specialist (melbourne IVF)


Dr Teh understands that every woman’s body is unique. She endeavors to understand the woman behind the condition.

Gynaecological conditions treated include:

  • abnormal period or bleeding
  • abnormal pap smear and colposcopy
  • fibroids and other uterine conditions
  • ovarian cysts and growths
  • pelvic pain and endometriosis
  • contraception and family planning
  • menopause and its effects
  • endocrine disorders including Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), hyperprolactinaemia etc.
  • subfertility (see under Fertility)

Dr Teh offers a range of general gynaecological surgical procedures including laparoscopic procedures (endometriosis removal, ovarian cyst treatment, tubal salphingostomy) and hysteroscopic procedures (endometrial optimisation, fibroid removal, adhesions removal etc), and microsurgery for tubal ligation reversal.

Dr Teh treats simple conditions (e.g. abnormal PAP) effectively according to the latest medical guidelines. For complex conditions, using a balanced approach by weighing up the pros and cons of different options, liaising with other specialists and carefully considering the patient’s situation, health outcomes are maximized for each patient.